Extraterrestrial stained glass
15th Annual Ozarks Studies Symposium

September 22-24, 2022

Theme: Cultural Encounters in the Ozarks

Entrance to the symposium is free and pre-registration is not required. Those who attend will be invited to register on site when they arrive.

All presenters are found in the Full Conference Program.

2022 Missouri State University-West Plains Alumni and Friends Keynote Speaker

Dr. Blake Perkins, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academics and an Associate Professor of History Arkansas State University-Beebe
Hillbilly Hellraisers: A Closer Look at Rural Ozarkers’ Damn-Government Defiance in History


J. Brett Adams
Collin College-Celina Campus
Presentation: A History of the Ouachita National Forest
Dr. Craig Albin
Professor of English, Missouri State University-West Plains
Presentation: “Principles of Alignment”
Vincent S. Anderson
Baxter County Library, Mountain Home, Arkansas
Presentation: Our Buried Past Revealed
Jo Van Arkel
Professor of English, Drury University
Presentation: Women and Ozark Folklore and the Making of Historical Flash Fiction: Awakening Old Stories with New Fictional Forms
Dr. Mara W. Cohen Ioannides
Department of English, Missouri State University
Presentation: Joseph Sondheimer and his Interaction with the Cherokee
Faith Collins
Missouri State University-West Plains
Presentation: Historical Logging in the Ozarks
Bob Cunningham
Norfork Natural Resources Consulting
Presentation: Exploring Turn-of-the-Century Logging Railroads in the Missouri Ozarks
Larry M. David
Certified Wildlife Biologist
Presentation: Wildlife Conservation from the Perspective of One Ozark Family
John C. Fisher
Independent Researcher, Kennet, Missouri
Presentation: French Settlement in the Eastern Missouri Ozarks
Dr. James Fowler
Professor of English, University of Central Arkansas
Presentation: “Second Growth”
Dr. Elisabeth George
Independent Researcher and K- Educator/Administrator
Presentation: Lesbian and Gay Life in Southern Missouri in the Twentieth Century
Dr. John J. Han
Professor of English and Creative Writing, Missouri Baptist University
Presentation: Nature Meets Civilization: The Arcadian Myth in Harold Bell Wright’s Ozarks Novels
Joseph Hutchison
Williams Baptist University
Presentation: Vigilante Justice in Northern Arkansas: The Murder of Thurzia Baker, the Rape of Eliza Morgan, and the Trial of Robert Inness
Dr. Tom Kersen
Associate Professor of Sociology, Jackson State University
Presentation: Columba Krebs: The Story of an Ozarks Spiritual Saucerian and Cosmic Artist
Dr. Carla Kirchner
Associate Professor, Southwest Baptist University
Presentation: Encounters with Haints and Booger Dogs: Writing Ozarks Ghost Stories
Dave Malone
Poet/Screenwriter, West Plains, Missouri
Presentation: Poetry Reading: Glory Days, Train Rides, and Restless Cashiers
Mariah E. Marsden
The Ohio State University
Presentation: Textual Encounters in the Ozarks
Tim Nutt
Director of the Historical Research Center, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Presentation: And……Action! Movies and Television Shows Filmed or Set in the Ozarks
Alison Overcash
Park University
Presentation: Made in Missouri: Pollution and Politics at the Lake of the Ozarks
Alex T. Primm
Community and Oral Historian, Springfield, Missouri
Presentation: A Visit to Ginny and Leaonard Hall
Dr. Sean Rost
The State Historical Society of Missouri
Presentation: The African American Heritage in the Ozarks Project: An Overview
Prof. Mark Spitzer
Associate Professor of Creative Writing, University of Central Arkansas
Presentation: Cryptozarkia
Denise Henderson Vaughn
Journalist and Independent Media Consultant
Presentation: Controversy in Cave Country: An Endangered Fish, Landowners, and the Feds
Lou Wehmer
Independent Scholar, West Plains, Missouri
Presentation: Southern Missouri’s Most Hated Man